Processes and Methods

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Zero to 1 month

  • Familiarize yourself with the everyday work processes and techniques used.
  • Be clear on why those methods are utilized and how you can support process goals. (Practice retraining)
  • Set clear timelines for task due dates. Have timelines up to date.

1 Month to 2 months

  • Classify and eliminate unnecessary variation in the way you do work processes.
  • Make sure your job duties are clear, determined, and practical.
  • Learn the interview/orientation process.
  • Build a Team Identity

2 months to 3 months

  • Get to know those who work cross-­ functionality in standard work processes.
  • Seek to explain any work processes to cut cycle time.
  • Introduce new ideas with Management.
  • Start asking “WHY” more to learn the mentality of Opulence Management