Skills and Knowledge Development

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Zero to 1 month

  • Understand the specific skills and knowledge you need using the orientation manual as your step-­by-­step guide.
  • Teach back marketing systems.
  • Finish the entire Entry Level Checklist.
  • Qualify to attend leadership courses regularly. (Invite only)

1 month to 2 months

  • Create proper training classes suitable to the entry-level trends
  • Build a 6-week game plan and start learning management skill sets.
  • Do outside study on marketing, branding, sales and local competition.
  • Maximize strengths / reduce weaknesses.

2 months to 3 months

  • Plan a timeline with trainees with responsibilities that they will follow to achieve the skills outlined in Opulence Management’s development plan.
  • Handle and review progress reports with Entry-­Level candidates
  • Discover how to have the right conversations at the right time.