Business Development Analyst - New Hyde Park, NY

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Great company culture

My experience here was definitely at first out of my comfort zone. I applied for Business Development position with focus on management. The first interview was good. The mangers were really transparent and motivated and made me feel confident in the position. My main reason for moving forward was the growth opportunity here. The first week was 1 on 1 in class training so I like how they didn’t throw me in the fire. Most companies tell you to figure it out and they are way more hands on. It’s a sales and marketing firm with mangers from various background so they are pretty established. The mangers were economic, business management and to my surprise some engineers and tech majors. The sales aspect was very new to me but the training made it easy to progress. They have a base and commission schedule which was new to me but equated to 50-60k yearly so even after training pay I was able to maintain consistent compensation which exceeded my expectations. The hardest part of the second interview was finding the building it is huge and their suite is on the second floor it is a nice place just a large corporate building.