Economic Uncertainty Has Led To Layoffs. We Hope To Change The Pattern

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As the Greek philosopher Heraclitus so fittingly said, “there is nothing permanent except change.” This could not be more noticeable today, with changes in how we work, communicate, and interact with the world around us. Now more than ever, there is a shift in perception as people realize the flaws in our systems and seek new opportunities and different ways of living life.

Massive layoffs have caused mental health issues, with employees not knowing if they may be next to be cut. The job market is pretty intense, so even individuals with positions keep their resumes on job boards, making it more competitive for non-employed candidates.

Typically working at a more prominent firm is challenging since they will usually cut newer candidates. Smaller locations are challenged as they need more experience in operations. We suggest you make sure your position is valuable to the company. Ask your manager what areas are essential to your firm that you can assist in. Start negotiating for higher positions so you stand out. Research online for new certifications in your industry that can make your resume pop, so you have experience and more skills to offer on your resume in times of uncertainty.

While the business world has experienced layoffs due to economic uncertainty, at Opulence Management, our team was secured as long as we maintained our quarterly metrics, which we exceeded by 120%. Marketing and sales directly interact with consumers, which allows us to have more control of our revenue and growth at our firm.

Our employees are confident in their current roles as contracts with our clients have been extended, and a six-quarter strategy and budget have been confirmed and implemented. As great as this is, it means all new candidates will have a more competitive playing field when applying to our firm. We currently have only opened three positions this quarter to ensure that these candidates can develop at our firm. Next year, we are expected to multiply since we have broken our office record in the past two quarters.

You can apply directly, and our HR team will reach out for either this quarter or next year. All online candidates will be provided with priority interviews to help ease the hiring process for prospective candidates. Our favourite platform is LinkedIn, but a direct application on our website or any company of your interest is the best way to land that interview.

With extensive direct sales and marketing expertise at Opulence Management, we provide each member with opportunities to level up in their career. We also offer mentorship that helps our associates refine their skills, such as selling themselves, negotiation techniques, effective listening, time management, and, most importantly, impactful leadership.

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